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BBC Scotland and Glasgow School of Art interview

January 27, 2009 The interview with BBC Scotland was really an extended tour of the “Mack”,  Charles Renny Mackintosh’s

Glasgow School of Art – one of his masterpieces. Louise Lockwood, director, and I spent three hours together exploring references, experiences, history; speculating and investigating nooks, crannies and cubbies and soaring art studios together. I pointed out tiny filament reflections in the Mack’s beautiful chandelier in the Library – soon to be no more when incandescent lamps are banned, and discussed the diffuse nature of Glasgow’s muted light cast through floor-to-ceiling art studio windows as well as a walking narration of light and shadow on the beautiful varnished concrete of the grand and Gothic stairways.

We walked and talked – it was eerie to recall 1998 when I stayed in the lecturer’s quarters, in the basement, which has become administrative offices! Then, it was a scary, cavernous, silent space with a tiny bed and few stray pieces of authentic furniture – designed and built by Mackintosh.

The interview will be part of a documentary about the refurbishment of the building and the future “window on the Mack” – a new School of Art building to be constructed across the street, design via international competition.


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