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A Slice of Light: Selections from Fusing Art + Design

A launch to the season of golden slanting sun and naturally tinting leaves, here is a seasonal selection of commentaries voted the best at Light Project studio — a visually warm celebration of the coming cool weather.

It’s autumn in New York, The gleaming rooftops at sundown, Oh Autumn in New York, It lifts you up when you run down.  Glittering crowds and shimmering crowds, In canyons of steel, They’re making me feel – I’m home.

Livable Cities: Walk with me in Lyon through magenta-pink immersed streets

Leni Schwendinger stands by the Triple Bridge Gateway (for Dwell Magazine)

An interview about urban lighting of our city as room, the body; home to the heart. 

Sackler Center, Brooklyn Museum; Judy Chicago's Dinner Party. Light Projects worked closely with Ennead architects.

This interactive light/art/science sculpture is an public outreach artwork created to explain gravity.

Publicolor is our favorite non-profit. We illuminate their benefit in a high-school gym annually.

HTO Park and Bryant Park, two great urban public spaces.

Triple Bridge Gateway, Manhattan

Light Projects objective: transform neglected infrastructure in our urban nighttime environments

Which is your favorite Leni Schwendinger, Fusing Art + Design with Light post?


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