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Leni’s engaging style has been honed to tease out your vision.


July 2020 – A global, virtual marathon of lectures: Illuminating Engineering Society: Light for Life. “The Collaborative Night: Where light and cities meet” on behalf of Lighting Urban Communities International (LUCI).

November 2019 – Sydney and Hunter Region, Australia “Get the Night Right”: Placemaking masterclasses with Ethan Kent of PlacemakingX. Listen to Nighttime Economy Radio Interview with ABC Australia and here, on camera Get the Night Right with Urban Lighting

October 2019 – London, UK SALUS Healthy City Design 2019 –Video and presentation download here: International Nighttime Design Impact on Public Health

June 27, 2019 – New York, NY, Project for Public Spaces Placemaking Series: Luminous Legibility – Lighting and Nighttime Design Urbanism: A Primer for City Design Advocates. A discussion about the trends and innovative methodologies that are rocking the world of public lighting design. Lighting of our streets and sidewalks and public spaces is essential for a thriving 24/7 world.

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