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Pilots by Night - have you tested? -

Light is a magical lever for community engagement

Pilots, or trial demonstrations, are key to successful projects. Elizabeth Barrett Browning astutely recognizes that context, and surrounding atmospheres, provide visual contrast and therefore define how colors and visual phenomena are perceived.

Inclusion: Pilots combined with community involvement encourages buy-in. Participation can take the form of in-depth co-design or an organized event with education and sharing. Street trials combined with lighting awareness education like the NightSeeing™ program provide the basis for lighting strategies.

Here are examples of street lighting gone wrong.

One in Rome, Italy and the other in San Diego, United States.

Excerpted from Envisioning Community Engagement in Smart Lighting Design for Lighting Symposium, Copenhagen 2022. Authors Leni Schwendinger, International Nighttime Design Initiative (United States) and Dr. Philip Ross, Studio Philip Ross(the Netherlands).

Do it right the first time!

Piloting serves clients, the design team, and the community by demonstrating options, providing a platform for preference discussions, and gaining consensus. Plus, when combined with research methodology, the pilot reveals metrics for your future night lighting roll-outs.


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