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Creative Placemaking After Dark

International Nighttime Design Initiative

Guidance for towns and cities converting to LED street lights, buying back lights from utilities and starting-up smart city technologies

The convergence of energy saving, responsive technologies, and ownership of data and infrastructure, is being debated across the nation. In parallel, issues of public space equity and social cohesion are in flux. These seemingly disparate challenges are addressed in the Guidebook. The Municipal Smart City Street Light Conversion & Evolving Technology Guidebook was commissioned by the Capital District Transportation Committee to address issues of street light ownership, the streamlining of municipal services, and economic benefits for New York State. Planning 4Places collaborated with International Nighttime Design Initiative (NTD). The City of Saratoga Springs was the case study site.

“Our intent was to provide Guidelines proposing a unique hybrid of design, policy, technological and social inputs to the growing field of smart cities applications,” said Leni Schwendinger, the book’s content director and leader of the International Nighttime Design Initiative. “As cities and towns across the region convert/upgrade their street lights to energy-saving LED, they must consider and balance lighting quality, safety, after-dark social issues, digital infrastructure, and economic considerations.”

Thank you for participating in our luminous world. We are open to collaborations.

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