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Best of Nighttime Design: Elaborated by Voice, Writing and Video

Nighttime Design is based on three pillars

Celebrating one year of formation, since August 2017,

key members of the Smart Everyday Nighttime Design research team have discussed and connected to evolve the key principles of Nighttime Design (NTD).

These three pillars are encapsulated in our graphic.

Principles: The overview – Prague – Monocle interview (6 min)

We caught up with Schwendinger, one of the world’s leading voices on the impact lighting can have in our cities.

Process: Envisioning Method – Sydney Video: Agile Nighttime Envisioning Workshop (8 min)

This crucial initiative for lighting master plan development enables stakeholders to define nighttime objectives. Here, watch the step-by-step process in Double Bay (Sydney, Australia) with mayors, councilors and local business owners participating in the three-hour module.

Pilot: Localization – Cartagena : City Lab: Building Community Through Better Street Lights (Video-scroll down, 6 min)

What can lighting do for a community? For some fascinating answers, just look at the results of one pilot research project in Cartagena, Colombia.


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