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A Thought About Light at a Dark Time

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Goethe reminds us that, inevitably, light and shadow work together. Is his pronouncement emotional and introspective? Aesthetic? A warning? Fear or poetry–are they opposites?

For you, an urbanist concerned with city design, safety, public health, and economic development, contrast is key.

This is my tip: Application of light in the public realm is a matter of proportion, pattern and texture.

Designing safe and delightful city nights requires an aesthetic eye combined with social awareness and refined use of technology.

Our goal is to create welcome experiences for citizens in their daily moves through the darkened hours, whether medical worker or culture-lover, rubbish collector or midnight walker.

With light and shadow, I propose to transform nighttime hours into inclusive places, based on local usage of the dusk to dawn hours.

From envisioning and light strategies to pilots and implementation contact me for placemaking after-dark guidance.

Let's ponder the nocturnal landscape, dark and bright, together.

Yours truly,


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