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6th Street Viaduct: is it a bridge or a place?

Proposed archway illumination envisaged real time traffic data displayed through tints and nature’s rhythms

Significantly, LSLP was challenged to ensure void sapce within the heroic arches. Therefore, a prime criterion for our conceptual design was to conceal lighting fixtures. Another was to create an evolving transformation along the archways. Finally, taking a cue from European roadways at the time, vehicular lighting was placed close to the curb level to supplant vertical lampposts interfering with framed LA cityscape.

How is approval for such creative illumination obtained?

LSLP tested beam spreads and conducted design team workshops. We created persuasive animations for the LA Bureau of Engineers, which you can view in the silent model animation above.

Today, identity lighting is a hallmark for city nightscapes all over the world. We are currently designing 3 bridges and shared-use rampways. LSLP is available to elevate your bridge into an aesthetic symbol of place—a majestic connector.

Contact Leni personally for a conversation about requests for qualifications or competitions.

Thank you to Michael Maltzan and Tim Williams for shepherding the lighting design through to completion.


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