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 The NightSeeing™ Mastermind series provides a platform for accountability, to explore common goals and to develop solutions for like-minded professionals seeking to transform nighttime design in cities.

By sharing experiences, guided by expert Leni Schwendinger, planners, managers, creative leaders and other municipal influencers, will map out strategies to impact safety, public health, and economic vitality through lighting and synergistic design disciplines, for their after-dark city.

The NightSeeing mastermind member seeks answers to questions such as:

  1. What is the best way to mobilize support for better urban lighting? 

  2. Which disciplines or departments can co-author a lighting or nighttime design strategy? 

  3. How might the private sector fit into a strategic approach to better nighttime safety, sustainability and economy? 

  4. What community engagement tools can I use to move a night policy/legislation/initiative forward?


A pre-qualified group engages in peer-to-peer feedback with expert guidance from Leni.

Methodology includes:

  • Training 

  • Feedback

  • Brainstorms 

  • Assigned and discussed readings 

  • Presentation making and coaching 

  • Mind-mapping 

  • Individual and collectively-derived approaches 

  • Celebration of successes

Benefits include access to:

  • Expert guest speakers

  • Unique tools

  • Shared referrals

  • Shared resources


Share with peers:

  • Build relationships to generate differing perspectives, options and innovative solutions 

  • Benefit from reciprocity of skills and resources 

  • Increase focus on your initiative through participants’ understanding and encouragement   

  • Be accountable through regularly scheduled meetings, challenges and action items to complete


  • Works in govt or BID (Business Improvement District)

  • Consults with govt

  • Non-profit influencer in urban policy, technical standards 

  • Experienced local govt advocate

  • Open and willing to share


Two tiers:  

  • Advanced – post-participation in the NightSeeing™ with workshop program,  or another way of determining advanced qualifications 

  • Beginners – pre NightSeeing™ program – (Note: this would be a separate training to qualify for the advanced program at a later date) 

(Number of participants – 4 to 10)

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