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A pioneering authority in the mix of urban lighting, public art, and city infrastructure, Leni vividly shares her deep understanding of light and dark in daily life inspiring audiences to reflect on nighttime neighborhoods as creative spaces.

"I highly recommend Leni as a public speaker to wake up an audience to consider new ideas for the future.”

— Elisa Hillgen,
Lighting Coordinator,
City of Jyväskylä, Finland




reSite: Nighttime for the 24-hour city

Leni discusses the role of lighting design to create a 24-hour city, aiming to utilize lighting design to activate after-hours urban spaces, where people in public feel safe and included.

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Monocle Radio Podcast: The Urbanist 

The night accounts for half of our days, yet most cities fail to implement plans or infrastructure to make better use of the nighttime at all. Leni focuses on what happens after the sun sets and how to use the city’s darkened hours better.

  • Governments + Organizations
    Your groups are concerned about the safety implications of good lighting. However, you may be unaware of the positive outcomes in public health and local economies from holistic lighting and nighttime design. Through Leni’s trainings, your constituents and staff will learn from worldwide case studies and trends in smart lighting, while increasing community and stakeholder engagement with Leni’s expert lens on the subject.
  • Design Professionals: Architects, Landscape Architects, Lighting"
    Work with Leni’s definition of the lighting design process to redefine collaborative possibilities and to understand the nighttime designer’s mind. Side-by-side you will learn about the lever of light to increase community engagement. She conducts in-office and remote trainings to get you up to speed.
  • Real Estate and Land Use Professionals
    Train yourself, staff and colleagues to lead the nighttime, 24-hour, place-making after-dark paradigm in your key cities and towns.
  • Lighting Manufacturers
    Leni’s refreshing talk will encourage you to consider lighting design from the creative placemaking point of view. Her presentation touches on the technical, but focuses on collaboration and context. Ask about opportunities to partner and sponsor her program and roll it out together.
  • Meeting and Conference Conveners
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"I recommend Leni’s vivacious 

presentation to those who are seeking innovative approaches to their after-dark districts."

— Randall White
Founder and President of the Board, 24HourDallas

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